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The input imedance of our A/B/Y box is identical to a high quality tybe amplifier and features our Unity Gain Class A Line Driver (LD-2). Also included a highly effective RF filter which will help prevent interference from nearby radio transmitters. The second stage is a powerful Unity Gain low impedence line driver which can easily drive signals over long cables without loss of tone or volume. The input is suitable for active or passive guitars, basses or other signal generating musical instruments.

This unit is NOT suitable for feeding amplifier outputs to different loudspeakers.

Two outputs are provided: Output A is unbalanced unity gain and low impedence, suitable for feeding amplifier inputs or effects units which are then fed into an amplifier input.

Output B is ground lifted on a T-R-S jack and is the same level and impedance as output A. Output B is suitable for feeding a second amplifier direct or via additional effects units. Also fitted to Output B is a phase reverse switch which will enable coherent phased signals to be fed to both amplifiers if they are not in phase. A further possibility is to feed signals into two channels of the same amplifier (for instance a Fender Twin Reverb). Each channel can be set with different tones etc. In this case the phase reverse is essential as the two channels of the Fender Twin Reverb are out of phase with each other. This is easy to check: set both channels to the same tone and volume; connect to both inputs; press switch A + B and note if the signal gets louder or softer. If they are in phase, if softer then change the phase of Output B to bring them together. You can now select channel 1 (Rhythm) and channel 2 (Lead) of the amplifier or add both together for new sounds.

Indication of Output status is by two sets of LEDs. When the A+B LED is off the active status of the either one of the two Outputs is indicatied by LED A or B.
Pressing A+B footswitch (LED on) will send identical signals to Output A and B.
The A/B Output LEDs remain on, so it is clear which Output will be active when the A+B switch is pressed again (LED off).

Each unit is hand build, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish.

Dimensions: 145 x 95 x 49mm


This unit is capable of being used with any stabilized and noise free supply voltage between 9Vdc and 24Vdc - no gain is unity with all dc supply voltages but also see below. We recommend the use of the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus as meeting the above criteria and cannot accept any liability for damage caused to this unit by the use of , or to, any other type AC/DC adapter. If only a single unit is to be powered the BOSS PSA series may be more cost effective and is also recommended, but do not "Daisy Chain" other effects if using this adaptor as this may cause hum problems.

Using a fully smoothed and regulated AC/DC adapter with an output voltage of between 9 and 24Vdc Maximum and capable of supplying 20mA, the signal performance of the unit will be as shown below. DC connector is 2.1mm with negative (-VE) tip.

Please do not use an adapter with a higher output voltage than the specified 24Vdc maximum, or of reversed polarity, as it may damage the unit. An adapter with an AC voltage output should NOT be used, as it will permanently damage the unity. Damage caused by the use of the incorrect adapters mentioned above will not be covered under the terms of our warranty.

SPECIFICATION (with 9vDC Supply) SPECIFICATION (with 24vDC Supply)
Input Impedance 1Mohm Input Impedance 1Mohm
Minimum Output 2Kohm Minimum Output 2Kohm
Maximum Output +9dBm/2.24 Vrms/6.25v P/P Maximum Output +18dBm/6.2Vrms/17.6v P/P
Output Noise -110dBm (10Khz B/W) Output Noise -110dBm (10Khz B/W)
Frequency Response +/- 1dB 15Hz to 40KHz Frequency Response +/- 1dB 15Hz to 40KHz


This unit has been built using the finest available components and constructed to the highest standards but should any fault occur during the twelve months from date of purchase please return it post paid to the above address where under guarantee repairs of any original manufacturing fault will be carried out (normal wear, misuse, unauthorized modifications or accidental damage excepted).

The warranty does not apply to customer's own equipment, which has been connected to this unit.

This warranty is not transferable.

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