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After many years in the development, we are proud to present our first Optical Compressor: designed specifically for, but not limited to, guitar.

In common with our recently introduced CC-1, the OC-1 is a completely original design, not copied from any previous or current device.

A Feed-Forward design, the OC-1 features a minimized two stage audio signal path: input buffer and output make-up gain: this ensures no change to frequency response, no distortion and the absolute minimum of added noise. Between the two audio sections is a light controlled variable attenuator driven with a control current generated by the Side Chain. All signal monitoring and gain reduction drive circuits that are separately routed via a six stage Side Chain: these signals do not pass through the audio circuits and thhus cannot degrade the audio performance.

Operation is straight forward:
Connect guitar using screened cable to the OC-1 INPUT
Connect OC-1 OUTPUT using screened cable to your amp input
With OC-1 in bypass mode set guitar volume and tone to 100% (maximum)
Set amp volume and tone to suit normal playing level
Set all OC-1 controls to minimum (fully counter clockwise)
Engage OC-1 and note that the signal level and tone as the same as when in bypass mode IE: minimum settings create no compression or output boost
Increase the COMP (compression) control to approximately 50% (12 o'clock) while playing and note the decrease in output volume and increased sustain. Increase the VOLUME in small increments until the output level matches the bypass level - compare by switching back and forth between bypass and OC-1
If the sustain is too great reduce the COMP setting and also the VOLUME to again match the bypassed level
If more sustain is required increase the COMP setting above 50% and make corresponding increases in VOLUME to again match the bypassed level. Actual settings will be dependant on pickup signal level, playing style and of course, personal preference

A further feature has been added: BLEND. This control allows you to add a small percentage of the original, uncompressed signal to the OUTPUT. This is particularly useful when very high compression settings have been dialed in, as a controlled amount if the original attack can still be heard through with the long sustain. Please note that the control increases in relation to the compressed signal as the VOLUME is increased. When adding the BLEND signal it will be necessary to reduce the VOLUME to maintain the overall signal level to match the bypassed level. The VOLUME control is at the very end of the audio path and is a master volume of the whole of the output signal in compress mode.

The OC-1 would normally be the first device the guitar "sees" thus maintaining signal level more constant.


High Impedence RFI rejecting input and bypass buffer
Each unit is hand built, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish
Housed in a rugged Die-cast box
Heavy Duty all metal footwsitch with Hi-Brite LED

DIMEMSIONS: 145 X 95 X 49 mm


An input for a 9v DC supply is fitted: the size of the coax connector is 5.5/2.1mm and the centre pin is negative (-VE).
The voltage rating of the adapter should be noise free, fully stabilized at 9V DC and capable of supplying 20mA. We recommend the use of the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus poer supply as meeting the above criteria
and cannot accept any liability for damage caused to this unit by the use of, or to, any other type of AC/DC adaptor. An adapter proving an output of an AC voltage should not be used as it will permanently damage the pedal: such damage is not covered under out warranty. If only a single unit is to be powered the BOSS PSA series may be more cost effective and is also recommended: but do not "Daisy Chain" other effects if using this adaptor as this may cause hum problems.


This unit has been built using the finest available components and constructed to the highest standards but should any fault occur during the two years from date of purchase please return it post paid to the above address where under guarantee repairs of any original manufacturing fault will be carried out (normal wear, misuse, unauthorized modifications or accidental damage excepted). The warranty will be voided if the guarantee labels are damaged or removed. This warranty does not apply to customer’s own equipment, which has been connected to this unit. This warranty is not transferable.

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