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STING, Brian May of QUEEN are among the many pros who rely on this unit on stage.


Input impedance
2.0 Megohms

Frequency response
+/-1dB 10Hz to 240 KHz

Maximum output
+16 dBm (14V peak to peak) into 33 Kohms or higher

Output noise
-108 dBm (10Khz bandwidth)

Signal/noise ratio
124 dB

Current consumption
1.03mA at +18Vdc

PSU and Barrel connections: Pin1 signal ground/Pin 2 DC supply (+18V)/Pin 3 Audio





It is well known that the length of cable used for connecting electric guitars and basses can affect the quality of tone and the signal level that reaches the amplifier input. The Pete Cornish Mini Line Driver Set has been carefully designed to eliminate the losses that can occur with long cable runs and can accommodate up to 100m of cable without noticeable tone change or loss of level.

Brian May has successfully used the Pete Cornish Mini Line Driver System, for many years, during his time with Queen and the System is currently being used by Sting when touring.

The first part of the set is a special 0.8m guitar cable: the guitar end is fitted with a normal 1/4inch jack and the output end has a male XLR (Switchcraft A3M) which connects to the female end of the Mini Line Driver barrel, which may be secured to the guitar strap with the supplied Velcro tie. The output end of the Mini Line Driver barrel (Male XLR) should now be linked to the female end of the supplied 20m XLR to XLR extension cable. Linking it to another XLR to XLR cable may further extend this extension cable but please ensure that the additional XLR cable has the following wiring convention:

Pin 1-ground/ Pin-2 signal/ Pin-3 signal, using screened balanced or quad microphone cable.

Next, the male XLR end of the extension cable is plugged into the female XLR socket on the Mini Line Driver PSU box; this will provide the necessary dc power to the Mini Line Driver barrel previously connected at the guitar. The 1/4inch jack socket has a dual function; when the supplied jack to jack cable (yellow marked end) is plugged in to the PSU the dc supply will be switched on and the audio signal feed is now available to be plugged into the amplifier input (green marked jack to amp input).

IMPORTANT WARNING: At no time should this apparatus be connected to stage boxes or mixer inputs having +48V phantom power enabled; connection will result in the immediate destruction of the Mini Line Driver and such damage will not be covered under the terms of our original purchaser's lifetime warranty.

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